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training continued on your desk – just when you need it

Training sessions are good – it gives you break from your schedule, you go back to classroom environment, immerse yourself in the subject and at the end come out charged and hoping to apply all you have learnt. But the problem starts when you are back to your job and you realize that you have forgotten most of the thing. Don’t worry – you are not alone and this is called “lack of retention” which is a Read more

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Anakage for Training

the dilemma of accomodating 780 languages in a course

India is a large country. Consider following statistics about languages used – People speak 780 different languages and use 86 different scripts 250 languages were lost in last 50 years Many languages are on the verge of extinction. For ex – Majhi is spoken by just one people in Indian state of Sikkim. Extrapolate the above data for world and the numbers will be huge. How it is important to a self learning course. The existing Read more

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Helping instructors teach better in self learning (instructor mode)

Education and training are similar terms used interchangeably but there is difference in both. The education is used in broad terms aimed at developing individual intellect and thought process where as training is aimed at acquiring a specific skill. Learning a skill like computer programming or any software expertise needs practice which is domain of training. Our product which are layer on top of application is primarily meant for training as it helps you master Read more

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Anakage for Support

anakage – who are our customers and their stories

Anakage products are our unique technology combined with content to create a complete learning experience. The existing technology based learning experiences does not focus on practical aspects of learning and making sure that learner has learnt. Though it is a difficult aim but our product is an attempt to solve this problem. In our product learning starts with overview video , guides learners to practice what they have learnt in real application and then assesses them for Read more

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Anakage for Training

computer training for achieving “skilled india” – who are stakeholders

Skilling india has been the topmost priority of recent Indian governments. It has set an ambitious plan of skilling 500 million people by 2022.  All kind of trades will be needed for inclusive growth. A recent survey showed an electrician gets more average salary than a engineer in india after 2 years of job. The shortage of skilled persons would compound this ratio in coming years. With all the focus on skilling computer training has Read more

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Anakage for educators – inspiring teachers, students to manage and learn better

The current status in schools are that text books focus on computer literacy rather than expertise. Digital native students already know those concepts. The need is to rethink the computer education especially the textbooks. They teach students how to click (single click, double click, right click) – do the student need to learn these things formally. Now a days a two year old have gone beyond – they know how to swipe/tap. The need is Read more

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anakage – understanding practical assessments inside live application

Assessments are an integral part of learning process. It is an indicator of our abilities, knowledge, area of concerns and without it we will never know if our learning is complete or not. The current state of computer based assessments are in the form of theoretical questions and assessments in controlled simulations where you are tested in a controlled environment. With Anakage focussing on learning by practicing inside real application the experience would not be complete Read more

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Anakage for Training

understanding an anakage iassist course for excel, powerpoint, word?

Anakage off the shelve courses are a layer on top of applications like MS Excel, Word and Powerpoint. These are however more than just videos or simulations. They are layer on top of real application teaching you. It means you are able to explore full functionality of a application while learning. The core of our product is layer on top of application which is used for practice and assessment using real life scenarios. But we are Read more

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