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Latest trends in Information Technology 2018 and the best tools for your innovation agenda

The best of the emerging trends have been chosen and the path has been laid out for the onset of a new promising era of digital transformation and 2018 is predicted to be the rapid transition year for the IT industry since its dawn. Here are some of the latest trends in information technology that have got traction in 2018 and are here to stay and improve: The digital experience of the employees becomes high Read more

By Karan James, ago
self service automation

11 tips for self service automation to reduce IT Service Desk tickets

Self Service Automation is one of the key trends that is being adopted to automate IT Service Desk. World is closer to technology than it was ever before and the importance of self service automation is no more argued. Who would mind using it if it reduces time to wait, and resolve your problems. Consider these facts – 75% of respondent said self service is convenient way to address customer service issues 67% of respondents said Read more

By Rajeev Kumar, ago
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How to fix “Outlook not sending mails” issue

Outlook is widely used email-client in an organization because of its simplicity in the user interface, efficiency and lots of advanced features. Outlook is one of the most used Email clients has its share of problems too. One of the most frequent issues is outlook not sending mails. Your mail is forever stuck in the outbox. Not knowing what to do to resolve these issues reduces the productivity and increases the user frustration. Going through Read more

By Priya Dubey, ago
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Reducing L1 support through IT compliance automation – a case study

We’re all aware of need for IT compliance and know that organizations processing sensitive and confidential information must follow a set of rules, standards, and processes protecting customer and user information. This generally involves presence of certain software like anti-virus, data monitoring agents etc to be in a healthy state on a end-point. How should you maintain compliance in your IT infrastructure ? Make sure for your Anti virus its version, definition, scan frequency, last Read more

By Dilpreet Kohli, ago
IT Help Desk

Top 5 IT help desk tools to optimize and standardize your service desk delivery

IT Help Desk in any organization is a crucial business unit which is often neglected. Thought leaders unlike the rest of the crowd understand the importance of IT Help Desk and work hard to achieve more optimization, standardization and digitization by scouting out for the best internal help desk tools along with end user productivity capabilities. From help desk software for small business to help desk management suites for large enterprises, here are some help Read more

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Desktop and End User Support Automation Platform

Get most out of Anakage Self Support Admin dashboard

In Desktop and End User Support Automation journey deploying Self Service for Users is first step. It will not succeed until you analyse the data this program is generating and make informed changes for better results. In this post you will learn how use analytics data. Data is collected when end user uses the portal or solution. Admin portal – How is this portal organised – Admins can perform 2 kind of tasks in this Read more

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CSR @ Anakage – Rotary club of delhi south

Rotary Club of Delhi South is one of the premier clubs of Rotary District 3011 of Rotary International, with over four decades of Community Service. The Club has served the community in countless ways covering widespread social and humanitarian needs. To enable the youth to acquire suitable skills which would enable them to compete successfully in respective fields, the Rotary Club of Delhi South has established multiple Skill Development Centers. One of these is aimed Read more

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What to do if ping is not working

PING might undoubtedly be one of the most used command by administrators. The ping utility was written by Mike Muuss in December 1983 as a tool to troubleshoot problems in an IP network. He was inspired by a remark by David Mills on using ICMP echo packets for IP network diagnosis and measurements.The author named it after the sound that sonar makes, since its methodology is analogous to sonar’s echo location (ref)   To make Read more

By AVN Kumar, ago
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quickly launch windows 10 setting dialogs from command prompt

In Windows 10 many items has been moved from control panel to Settings. In continuation from this blog post here are shortcuts to start few of the settings windows – Category Setting Item name Shortcut access key System Display ms-settings:display Taskbar ms-settings:taskbar Notifications & actions ms-settings:notifications Apps & features Battery saver ms-settings:batterysaver Tablet mode ms-settings:tabletmode Power & sleep ms-settings:powersleep Storage ms-settings:storagesense Offline maps ms-settings:maps Default apps About ms-settings:about Devices Printers & scanners Connected devices ms-settings:connecteddevices Read more

By Rajeev Kumar, ago
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Commands to start control panel items in windows from command prompt

We all know how to open control panel items using control panel. Many of us probably did not know that there are commands to open it automatically. For users it would mean saving few clicks, for developers it would be less line of code to do a task. For people interested in automating windows using scripting it is very useful. In windows vista and above control panel items can be accessed using canonical names as Read more

By Pratik Thakur, ago