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IT Help Desk in any organization is a crucial business unit which is often neglected. Thought leaders unlike the rest of the crowd understand the importance of IT Help Desk and work hard to achieve more optimization, standardization and digitization by scouting out for the best internal help desk tools along with end user productivity capabilities. From help desk software for small business to help desk management suites for large enterprises, here are some help desk software enterprises should look out for this year.

In this article, let’s understand the list of best help desk and end user productivity software/tools in the market today. Their benefits, key features and suitability to different business operations will be discussed in detail.

ServiceNow for IT Help Desk

I cannot recollect any I&O leader who is not aware of ServiceNow and its capabilities. ServiceNow is well-known in the industry for comprehensive service management, including SLA management, financial management, incident management, availability management, change and release management and more. ServiceNow covers almost all ITIL activities, making it the weighing standard for service management. The best part being its suitability for use in small companies up to the enterprise.

Its flexibility allows you ultimate degree of freedom to customize it as per your organizational requirements, however, you will be requiring skilled administrators to manage it full time. The offerings come in two variants, the ServiceNow Service Management Suite and ServiceNow Express, which are targeted at organizations with high and low I&O maturity, respectively.

Gartner categorizes ServiceNow as a leader because of its ability to dominate the ITSM market share.

Anakage’s CoBotic self-service for innovative IT Help Desk

A tool to resolve issues even before the ticket is raised with the help desk. Bygone are those days for having to wait on a physical support or even a remote support. Anakage has achieved success in bringing the regular knowledge base to life by converting the entirety to guided flows and automations. Anakage’s tool works at various layers, first on resolving issues at the end points even before the user realises there is an issue, solving the issues silently or proactively, and the next is when the incident occurs, the user just runs the exe for the problem they are facing and the tool guides the user by drawing steps on screen, automating steps, that too inside any application. All of the uses on solutions are reported in very detailed dashboards. The tool has the capability to check and report on various custom parameters from your endpoints such as compliance, unauthorized software, disk space and more.

The best part of this is that all this trouble is saved without having to install any agent on your already overloaded devices or any integration requirement. It can integrate with any of your ITSM tools to ticket any incident that is not resolved with its self-service tool, which can be hosted both on premise and on cloud. This gives your help desk an edge to resolve issues that actually require attention instead of following the routine steps to resolve issues. Get a demo on the product here.

Freshworks’ Freshdesk

A cloud-based help desk solution, Freshdesk is a help desk software designed for small business to large businesses. The software has rich features such as multichannel capability, integrated game mechanics, SLA policies and self-service portals. Standard features include ticketing, a community platform and a readily accessible knowledge base. Using Freshdesk allows an easy way to convert emails into tickets, which comes in handy in cases where your employees raise tickets through mail or you lack a proper ticketing tool. You can easily sign up for Freshdesk free trial here.

The platform’s capabilities include phone support, live chats and game mechanics. And also, it integrates CRM and multimedia tools, like Google Apps, YouTube, Slideshare. It supports mobility and is available both for Android and iOS.


Known to be the fastest help desk software, Front is fast and easy and enables teams to manage all customer messages in one collaborative platform and respond to messages on communication channel they used to reach out (email, chat, social media, SMS). It enables you to deliver great customer support with more accountability and transparency than using message assignments, collision detection, automations.

With deployment possibilities on Windows, iOS, Android and integrations possibility with Asana, Trello and JIRA, it helps you advocate your customer feedback, choose owners for every message, snooze your SLAs so that you don’t miss on them. Try Front for free.

Samanage software

Samanage provides help desk solution with IT service management (ITSM) functionalities. Samanage offers comprehensive service desk functionality that helps businesses respond to service requests in a timely manner, resulting in improved support. It is a cloud-based software offered for an annual subscription. In the system, users can manage service tickets and company assets. It can be used both on computers and mobiles.

Samanage integrates with other applications, including Google Apps,, OneLogin and over 140 other applications. Users can submit service tickets through either email or the inbuilt self-service portal. The portal empowers users to search for a solution independently using the system’s configurable knowledge base. Customers can also submit a new request and check as on the status of a pending issue.



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