Outlook Indexing Issue

Does your search results are not displaying correctly in Outlook. Well you might be facing Outlook indexing issues.

Below are thirteen things you can try to solve Outlook Indexing Issue –

1 – Make sure indexing is complete. 
2 – Indexing does not finish.
3 – To fix Outlook Indexing Issue Make sure Indexing Options are configured correctly.

Sometimes while using search option the result says “waiting for indexing to complete” but never shows a result. To complete the Indexing option Go to Control Panel > Indexing Options > Modify .You’ll see a list of locations and applications that are currently being indexed.

4 – Rebuild the Window Search Index to fix Microsoft Indexing Issue

To rebuild the Windows Search index, Go to Control Panel > Indexing Options. Click the Advanced button and make sure you’re on the Index Settings tab of the Advanced Options window and then Click Rebuild.Click OK to accept the warning and start the re-indexing process.

5 – Check the search scope of your Outlook.
6 – Make sure whole content is included for outlook indexing/searching.
7 – Make sure Outlook data is included in indexing.

Prior using the Instant search options you have to decide the search scope by Selecting the Options.

outlook indexing issue

8 – Make sure color of search result is different than color of content
Open Outlook>>Click on “File Tab” >>Click on “Options” >>The dialog “Outlook Options” appears on screen >> Click on “Search” list item>>We will select the color of searched result so that we can differentiate the result searched from content.

9 – Enable the Windows Search feature from control panel.

Open Control Panel >> Programs and Features >> Turn Windows Features on or off.

outlook indexing issue

Check “Windows Search” to get it back. To disable Windows Search, Un-Check the option. Click “OK “ and for for Windows to configure the settings.

10 – Enable Outlook search logging.

In Outlook, go to the “File Tab” >> “Options” >> “Advanced” >>Under Other, select or clear the Enable troubleshooting logging (requires restarting Outlook) check box. Exit and restart Outlook.

11 – Reinstall Windows Search feature if nothing else solves Outlook Indexing Issue.

Go to “Control panel” >> “Programs” and click the link “Turn Windows features on or off” and “un-check the Windows Search”. Reboot and check the option again to install the Search again.

12 – Cached Exchange Mode is turned off.

Cached Exchange Mode saves a copy of your mailbox on your computer which provides quick access to your data and is frequently updated with the server that runs Microsoft Exchange.

Click the “File Tab” >> Click “Account Settings” >> Click  “Account Settings”.

outlook indexing issue

On the E-mail tab, click the Exchange account, and then click Change.Under Microsoft Exchange server, select or clear the Use Cached Exchange Mode check box.


Use Cached Exchange Mode check box

Exit and then restart Outlook 2010.

If above steps does not solve the Outlook Indexing Issue then analyze Outlook errors in the application log. It might give you pointers on what could be issue.

13 – Outlook errors in the Application log

As a normal user I would search google and try to read various pages on this topic . For example – Microsoft support, and various other sources. If I count the number of steps I need to do it would easily be more than 100 which is daunting. There would be many decision points depending on system configurations. There are more chances that a user would drop off rather solve the problem.

You can read more details here

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