Increase software application training effectiveness by 40%

Seeing a videos does not guarantee learning

Current video based learning systems is good at imparting concepts. Whereas real time practice is the need for any application learning. And there is no way to make sure that learner is learning.

90% of learning happens when followed by practice

Research shows that 90% of learning takes place when it is followed by practice. The current tools stops at showing videos and leave learner alone when most of the learning is taking place.

No system for assessment in real time environment

Current tools are not capable of testing learner proficiency in actual applications. The need is more than multiple choice questions.

Anakage first of kind real time in app training system

Understand concepts in real time inside application

It explains concepts using videos and real life scenarios. It starts the application you are learning, opens the file containing scenarios and overlays videos on top of application.

Practice inside actual application

Most of the system stops after showing videos. Anakage unique technology make you practice the concepts by guiding you inside real application to augment your learning.

Assess yourself in real time

To complete your learning cycle Anakage unique technology also test you for your ability to perform a task inside real application for relevant scenarios.

Compatible With


These are courses which runs inside the product for which it is designed for. It will show video, in app guidance and lets learners to be tested inside real application.
We offer repository of 6 off the shelve courses for Microsoft Product. We also give the tool using which organisations can build their own courses using this concept..
None of the solutions available lets you learn and test inside actual application.
Depending on the market feedback we keep on updating the courses for OS, versions etc.
Anakage provides a admin dashboard which shows you matrix of course usage.
We have life time and yearly subscription plan.
Talk to us and we will help you.
1 - The recorder (creates the solutions for particular issue) 2 - The player (runs the solutions and send data to server) and 3 - The server ( stores the usage data) are main components.
The recorder is GUI based tool through which you can create support solutions for a particualar issue. The process starts with recording all the steps which user would do in order to solve a problem, applying rules and conditions, specifying paths which will trigger based on conditions. The output is our propritory format which is a lighweight file understood by the player.
Player is the proprietory tool which runs the file created by recorder. Player supports many ways to distribute the support solution for issues. It can store all in a single file and let user access individual solutions listed in it. It can also package single solutions only. Depending on organisation requirements they can choose the way how they want it to be distributed.
The server hosts the solution files and provides a portal through which users can download the files. The player sends data to server regarding usage and effectiveness. Admininstrators can track and analyse the data. Organisations can host this server on premise or use Anakage server.
We uses https protocol and AES-128 bit encryption to communication. We do not store any sensitive information.
We provide option for lifetime, yearly, number of concurrent users licencing options.
It allows you to restrict access to fixed max number of people at any moment. This allows you to rotate the licenses so that you can train maximum number of users.
Product installed using serial key can just be opened and used as many times. Products restricted by concurrent licencing needs user id and login details which can be retrieved using our provisioning protal.
We will provide you admin dashboard where you can track the usage of course. However this is only available for concurrent licencing option.
Each topic has real life scenario captured in a template file around which it is based
Learn by reading text, watching videos and practice in application.
In-application practice tests which assess your hands-on knowledge.
No internet connection needed to run the course.
Admin can track the progress in an online dashboard.

Our pre packaged learning applications

  • Microsoft Excel 2007/2010/2013
  • Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2007/2010/2013
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Windows Active Directory 2012
  • Microsoft Windows 7/10
  • And ability to create for SAP, Oracle, Epicor and virtually any application ...

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We will send you the link to download Microsoft Excel 2010 trial.

7 learning application
30 Organisations
8000 Hours of Training
90 Accuracy(%)