Increase adoption of new ERP system in your organisation

Increase ROI from your ERP systems

Most ERP fails due to bad training and user adoption. Increase user adoption by using our unique in application guidance system which helps users to complete their task.

Reduce user errors

ERP errors are costly. It can result in bad production batches, rejections and loss of precious resources for organisation.

Reduce time to change software systems

Changes are costly in production environment. Use our innovative technology to introduce users to changes.

Anakage first of kind real time in app guidance

No more lengthy videos, text guides

Show real time in application context based guidance to users which helps him to complete the task seamlessly across multiple systems

Intelligent systems

Free up user mind from taking decisions by reading multiple documents and taking decisions based on rules. Leave it to our system who can analyse multiple parameters and show optimal path to users.

Reduce user errors

Our system can block navigation if it detects deviation from rules. Any changes in system can be enforced easily without needing costly development cycle.


Imagine a person stands behind you and hand holds you to perform your task.
To begin with we will analyse your documentation and suggest you the optimal system. We will convert your repository to our technology. Then we will transition the tool so that you can own.
We provide intelligent system which analyses the systems and provide optimal path to perform a job. All help is delivered inside application.
There are chances that it will. Yet talk to us to confirm.
Anakage provides a admin dashboard which shows you different matrix.
Please talk to us. It depends on services you want from us.
Talk to us and we will help you migrate and own the technology so that you can be independent of us.
1 - The recorder (creates the solutions for particular issue) 2 - The player (runs the solutions and send data to server) and 3 - The server ( stores the usage data) are main components.
The recorder is GUI based tool through which you can create support solutions for a particualar issue. The process starts with recording all the steps which user would do in order to solve a problem, applying rules and conditions, specifying paths which will trigger based on conditions. The output is our propritory format which is a lighweight file understood by the player.
Player is the proprietory tool which runs the file created by recorder. Player supports many ways to distribute the support solution for issues. It can store all in a single file and let user access individual solutions listed in it. It can also package single solutions only. Depending on organisation requirements they can choose the way how they want it to be distributed.
The server hosts the solution files and provides a portal through which users can download the files. The player sends data to server regarding usage and effectiveness. Admininstrators can track and analyse the data. Organisations can host this server on premise or use Anakage server.
We uses https protocol and AES-128 bit encryption to communication. We do not store any sensitive information.
We start with analysis of your existing documentation. In phase 2 we provide optimised/customised solutions for your organisations. We gradually tranfer the ownership of platform to you so that you can create and do the customizations in solutions.
Depends on the complexity and intelligence you want to build in it.
Anakage will analyze and work initially to show the value and then transition to you.
Our system can integrate your legacy documentation.
We support all applications on windows. Desktop as well as browser based. You can host the solution inside your premises or on our cloud.
Our solution sits on top of windows application with out any integration.
Works on all applications resulting in seamless movement between them.
Can take decision based on user action or system / application state.
Can block user flow if specified conditions are not met.

Advantages vs available solutions

  • Absolutely no integration required
  • Very Lightweight component
  • Hop over multiple applications seamlessly
  • Suggests optimal path after analysis
  • Independent of core application

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