Reduce your infrastructure support costs by our unique Cobotics technology which reduces employees time to resolve their issues

Anakage intelligent systems for Train, Assist & Support

Bring changes to your organisation

Using Anakage one of a kind portfolio of in application technology layers.

Improve return from your training

Make training engaging by making sure that users are learning by doing on actual systems.

Help users on the job

Help users when they need it most. Show real time in application help to improve productivity and reduce costly errors.

Make support enjoyable

Promote self service in a way users love it. In the process reduce 50% of your support tickets.

We work on almost all applications be it desktop or browser needing nil integraton of any kind not even adding a code snippet.

- Anakage -

Product portfolio

We bring in application technology to complete lifecycle of a product - training , assistance and support.
Because each stage is different.

Anakage Train for learning

In this stage users need more information and handholding including assessments. Anakage provides scenario based learning with in application videos, guidance and assessments to promote on the job learning

Anakage Assist for on the job help

Users are more interested to complete the task in hand. Our system can analyse and based on task and values entered by user show him correct path to do the job. No more reading text guides and analyzing complex rules as to what to do next.

Anakage Support for desktop issues

The attention span of a user stuck at an problem is even less. Our intelligent system can analyze complete system and applications to provide him optimised path including doing nifty time saver automations to solve his problem.

30+ Organisations
100K+ Users
8K+ Training hours
30K+ cases solved